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Making your event special

We know every client is different and every event is a new and EXCITING challenge. We love toying around with fabric, flowers, wood, paint, paper, sand – anything we can get our hands on! – to create magic. And then it ´s the look on our clients faces as they walk in. It ´s priceless. Nothing can beat it!.

We thrive on having days/weeks/months to create a DREAM, a few hours to set it all up and a few precious minutes to take it all down again. It ´s exhilarating. It ´s our love, our passion and our dream job.


creating real life unforgettable memories


At Edula Events, we work closely with you to create a design concept that is UNIQUELY yours. This is key in setting your event apart from the rest.

Our decor coordination and design range in:

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Parties (engagement, anniversary, and birthday)
  • Showers (wedding and baby)
  • Wedding Brunches/Luncheons

We want to create your own style yet identifiable for others and hear your guests exclaim about the beauty of the venue.


“Watch your story unfold”


It’s going to be an important and special event, and you want to make sure to capture it in a way that will make people feel like they were there. We at Edula Events, we ensure we capture EVERY MOMENT because we understand the art of telling the story. We’ll get the gorgeous wide angle of the space. We’ll capture those split second moments that make the day so special. Formal or casual, large or small, Edula Event is here for you.

  • Photo planning
  • On-location photoshoots
  • Guidance and selection of quality stock images
  • Custom photography to be used in online and print applications


“Watch your story unfold”


“Let’s give comfort to your guests”


Do you want to go sleek? We have chivalries chairs perfect for the occasion and with different color options like white, black, gold or clear chivalries.

We also deliver other kinds of chairs of PREMIUM quality like:

  • Plastic chairs
  • Lobby chairs
  • King and Queen chairs
  • Bar Stool
  • Folding Chairs

Whatever chairs you need, Endura Events has got you covered.


“Give your guests a royal taste”


We strongly believe that a wedding cake should taste as incredible as it looks to give your guests the most EXQUISITE EXPERIENCE. Tickle your taste buds with the sensation of multiple flavored cake of your choice. You can have a different FLAVOUR in each tier to make the most out of our delicious menu. We'll arrange them according to what your guests would enjoy more. We pride ourselves for our excellent communication skills when it comes to liaising with your venue/coordinator on delivery time, best place to set-up the cake, cutting advice and much more.

Services for weddings such as:

  • Free delivery and set up of cake
  • Cake Assistant
  • Cutlery, plates, forks, knives and wine glasses
  • Free pre-packs

Set an appointment with us for cake tasting!